Application and advantages of silicone defoaming agent
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     Silicone defoaming agent is widely used and applied in the fermentation industry of erythromycin, lincomycin, avermectin, gentamicin, penicillin, oxytetracycline, tetracycline, tylosin, glutamic acid, lysine, citric acid, xanthan gum and so on.It is also used in textile, printing and dyeing, coating, dye, paper making, printing ink, oil field, sewage treatment and other fields.When used in dyeing and dyeing, it has good compatibility with additives in dyeing bath, and does not affect color light and dyeing fastness.

     It has been reported that organosilicon is used as a dye defoamer.The old dyeing process, generally using dimethylpolysiloxane defoaming agent, can achieve satisfactory effect of defoaming agent, and ensure the uniformity of dyeing.But the new dyeing process, the use of high temperature and high pressure machinery, in this kind of machinery, dyed by the dye liquid jet and movement, at the same time dyeing.Although the foam can be defoamed by ordinary silicone defoaming agent, but under high temperature and high pressure, the general siloxane defoaming agent will produce thin film precipitate and stain the matter.The use of block copolymers can overcome the above shortcomings, because these antifoaming agent components are soluble in cold water, but not in hot water, so they can play an antifoaming role.However, the defoaming effect of the copolymer defoaming agent alone is not satisfactory. If a certain amount of fog-like SiO2 is added to the copolymer, satisfactory defoaming effect can be achieved and evenly dyed fabrics can be produced.Used for defoaming polyester fabric in high temperature dyeing process and fermentation process.In addition, can also be used for diethanolamine desulfurization system of defoaming and a variety of oil, cutting fluid, non-freezing liquid, water-based ink system of defoaming, also suitable for printing industry photosensitive resin plate making, washing off the uncured resin defoaming, is a very representative, excellent performance, a wide range of uses of silicone defoaming agent.

     The main advantages are:

     (1) Wide application: because of the special chemical structure of silicone oil, it is not soluble with water or substances containing polar groups, nor with hydrocarbons or organic compounds containing hydrocarbons.Because of its insolubility in various substances, silicone oil is widely used. It can be defoamed in water system and used in oil system.

     (2) Small surface tension: the surface capacity of silicone oil is generally 20-21 dyne/cm, which is smaller than that of water (72 dyne/cm) and general foaming liquid, and has good defoaming efficiency.

     (3) Good thermal stability: take the commonly used dimethyl silicone oil as an example, it can be resistant to 150℃ for a long time, and can be resistant to more than 300℃ for a short time, and its Si-O bond does not decompose.This ensures that silicone defoamer can be used over a wide temperature range.

     (4) Good chemical stability: Because the Si-O bond is relatively stable, the chemical stability of silicone oil is very high, and it is difficult to react with other substances.Therefore, silicone defoamer is allowed to be used in systems containing acid, alkali and salt as long as it is properly prepared.

     (5) Physiological inertia: Silicone oil has been proved to be non-toxic to humans and animals, and its semi-lethal dose is greater than 34g/kg.So silicone defoaming agent (in the appropriate non-toxic emulsifier matching) can be safely used in food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

     (6) strong defoaming power: silicone defoaming agent can not only effectively break the foam that has been generated, but also can significantly inhibit the foam and prevent the formation of foam.It is used in a small amount, as long as the weight of the foaming medium added to one millionth (1ppm), can produce a defoaming effect.Its common range is 1 to 100ppm.Not only low cost, and do not pollute the defoaming material.