The composition of silica gel mold release agent is introduced
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    The components of Silicone Oil and special interface active agent are Silicone Oil.

    1, silicone demoulding agent is mainly for silicone rubber accessories, trademark rubber mold, silicone button production demoulding and development of new products, with excellent demoulding, product surface smooth, no pollution and so on.

    2, not easy to pollute the mold, reduce the number of cleaning the mold, easy secondary processing.

    3, reduce the defect rate of forming products.

    4, only need to apply a thin layer, will not accumulate in the corner, so can improve the accuracy of the size

    5, release agent colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, does not hurt the skin, harmless to human body.

    6, because of the very low surface tension and superior thermal stability, can be widely used in harsh temperature, because this product has a very high stability and safety, there is no irritation and harm, you can rest assured to use.

    7, the product has the characteristics of easy to disperse, low proportion of addition, but also improve the adhesive effect of the product.The product can also be used for food grade products.